Humane Education

Humane Education

A certified member of our Pet Therapy and Humane Education team can participate in any of the three programs we offer:  Pet Therapy, Humane Education and Read to Dogs.

Our Humane Education team brings certified pet therapy animals before an audience of children as young as pre-K up to and including adults. We have a number of programs that are available. The program that is offered is dependent on the audience’s age and goals. The main program most frequently used program, “It’s Cool to be Kind”, plants the seeds of Kindness and Compassion towards animals. This 30-minute presentation is presented by one of our Humane Education presenters. After the presentation, the audience is invited to pet and interact with the certified pet therapy animals for a short period of time.

The visit usually lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, but the needs of the pet always take priority. You must commit to a minimum of 2 visits per month in any combination of Pet Therapy, Humane Education and Read to Dog visits.

In order to participate in Humane Education, please be aware of the following:

  1. Your pet must be very well behaved and comfortable around large numbers of children and adults, including handicapped and those with special needs.
  2. Your pet must be very well behaved and comfortable around other dogs and cats, as these visits usually include multiple pet therapy animals. Dogs and cats may not come in contact with other therapy animals before, during or after any visit. During the presentation your pet will need to sit quietly at your side or on your lap.
  3. Ideally, team members should be available weekdays and /or evenings. Our Scout Nights are usually held from 6:30 to 7:30 at the shelter. If an event is at a school, these, of course, are held during school hours (anywhere from 9 to 3). Other groups may be also be scheduled during the day at the shelter.
  4. Our greatest need is to have Pet Therapy animals available to participate by offering petting and interaction time after our presentation.
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