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Hello, there! Don’t I have a cute little face? I was found as a stray cat in Asbury Park with my two very young kittens. After being cared for and going to foster, my kittens were able to go off on their own. Now I’m waiting to enjoy an early retirement in your home!

I’m always curious when someone new comes to visit, as long as they’re quiet and gentle with me. I’ll come up to say hello with some gentle nuzzling and let you pet me a little. Like some cats out there, I’ll come to you when I want some attention and let you when I’ve had enough J. The best home for me would be one where my family knows their kitty etiquette! I enjoy my independence but I do coexist well with the other cats in my gazebo. I could live at home with another like-minded kitty if there’s plenty of space, but I would be more than happy being your only feline family member.

I may seem like a bit of a diva now, but I’ll be purrfectly content when I’m out of the shelter and in your comfy home!

Now that my kids have found their own forever families, I have empty nest syndrome and need something to occupy my time lol! Luckily for me, the Monmouth County SPCA is purrticipating in an amazing program called Cat Pawsitive.
Cat Pawsitive is presented by The Jackson Galaxy Foundation (you might know Jackson Galaxy from his Animal Planet show, “My Cat From Hell”). The program is designed to teach shelter cats fun tricks to both help them stand out to potential adopters while providing enrichment during their stay at the shelter.
Right now, I’m working on “high five,” “head boop” and “sit.” I can’t wait to learn more with you!!

2 Comments to "Louise"

    February 26, 2019 at 8:35 pm

    How is she with other cats and dogs, my sister comes to visit for the weekend and brings her dog and cat

  • Nina
    February 27, 2019 at 4:42 pm

    Hi, Paula-Louise isn’t a huge fan of other cats but she coexists with them just fine. She is currently living in a communal cat area with 2 other kitties. She doesn’t interact with them, rather they just go about their business independently.
    We don’t have any experience with Louise and dogs but worst case scenario, if she really wasn’t a fan of your sister’s dog, you could always just keep Louise in a separate room away from the dog for the weekend.
    We will give you lots of tips on the best way to do cat-cat and cat-dog introductions so we can set you up for success at home! 🙂

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