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The MCSPCA is much more than just an animal shelter and we need volunteers in all areas throughout our organization! Below are just some of the opportunities open to MCSPCA Volunteers. Please remember, all volunteers must be at least 18 years old to volunteer and must complete the Volunteer Orientation Process.

Basic Needs: All new volunteers will start volunteering under “Basic Needs” from 8AM-4PM, 7 days a week. Basic Needs covers those essential things that help our shelter run smoothly such as laundry, dishes, puppy care, and more. New volunteers will become comfortable and oriented with the shelter, staff, and fellow volunteers!

Dog Walking: Our dogs are always in need of care, exercise, and enrichment to best prepare them for finding homes! All volunteers will be trained to learn the proper way to clean, care for, and walk our dogs. Help is needed especially between the hours of 7:30AM-10AM and 4PM-6PM, seven days a week.

Cat Socializing: Our cats also need of care, enrichment, and, of course, love! Feline care revolves around socializing cats, maintaining and cleaning their digs, doing laundry, and keeping the adoption floor clean and ready for adopter. Trained volunteers can come in to prep the cats at 7:30AM and socialize between 8:30AM to 5PM, 7 days a week.

Welcome Desk: Volunteers at our welcome desk and adoption desk are the face of the MCSPCA. These volunteers greet and direct visitors as well as take calls and messages. Regular volunteers are needed, especially on the weekends during our busiest times.

Adoption Counselors: These volunteers have the job of approving adoptions for one of our homeless animals and giving them a new start in a loving home. Volunteers would be required to work two days a week, preferably one of the days being on a weekend. This would be a set schedule. Detailed training is required along with a commitment of minimally 6 months. You must also work with the animals to become familiar with them for talking with potential adopters.

Thrift Store: Our thrift store sells gently used items as a reduced price, and all profits from the store go directly back to running the shelter. Help is desperately needed to accept, sort, hang, price, and market donations.

Foster Program: Some of our animals need a more comfortable environment for socialization or destressing, or may be too young to be put up for adoption. These animals are placed into our foster program until they are adopted from their foster homes or come back to the MCSPCA. We greatly appreciate the help of our foster families to help our animals be better prepared for finding their forever homes. (You don’t have to be a MCSPCA Volunteer to foster! Click here for more information)

Fundraising, Events, & Outreaches: Our shelter runs off of donations, which are often collected through various fundraisers and events. Additionally, we attend outreach events where we bring dogs available for adoption and information for educating the community. Outreaches often need dog handlers, volunteers for running our table, and adoption counselors.

Transports: Some local vets and groomers donate their services to provide pro bono work on our animals. Volunteers are needed to transport animals to and from their appointments. Additionally, transporters are needed to bring animals to our Eatontown location and pick up arriving dogs from the airport. Transporters also assist in times when injured or orphaned wildlife arrive at our shelter and must be moved to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center, which can be up to an hour and a half away.

Pet Pantry: The Pet Pantry serves to provide pet care assistance to low income families through offering free food and supplies. The Pet Pantry was started as a result of Super Storm Sandy, but remains as a viable alternative to surrendering beloved pets. Help is needed in the form of physical labor for rotating shelves and unloading donated food, and light clerical work.

Interested? Learn more about the application process!

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