Volunteer FAQs

Volunteer FAQs

I want to volunteer but I’m under 18 years old, how can I help?

Although the nature of our volunteer work does not allow for those under 18 to volunteer, we always encourage interested individuals to check out our Junior Volunteer Program! Hosting fundraisers and donation drives outside of the shelter an in our communities is a great way to support our shelter and our animals!


What are the volunteer hours?

Our volunteers are typically at the shelter between the hours of 8AM-6PM, 7 days a week. New volunteers may only volunteer between 8AM-4PM until they are properly trained to help out in other areas of the shelter.


I have experience working with animals, can I accelerate the volunteer process?

All of our volunteer must go through the same orientation process, no exceptions. This is for the safety of our volunteers, staff, and of course, our animals.


I’ve had a background check completed, do I still need to pay for one?

Yes, you will still need to complete a background check to volunteer with us. Only background checks completed by the MCSPCA are accepted and they must have been completed within the last 6 months.


I need to complete a service requirement, what can I do?

We ask that all volunteers commit to at least 6 months of volunteer work with at least 8 hours of service each month because of the level of training involved in our volunteer program, which typically does not fit the time schedule of a service requirement. We encourage hosting a fundraiser or donation drive to acquire service hours, more information can be found about that here!


I am not able to volunteer independently, can I still volunteer?

Unfortunately, do to the nature of our work all volunteers must be able to volunteer independently. We have limited resources, staff, and space which requires all volunteers to be able to complete their work on their own.


I previously volunteered for the MCSPCA and want to get started again, how can I?

Please email the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] for more information on this. Please include your full name, when you went through orientation, and how long it has been since you volunteered.


I don’t have a computer at home or access to an email address. Can I still volunteer?

We rely on emails and an online volunteer software to communicate with all of our volunteers, track volunteer hours, and have our volunteers sign up for different opportunities. Because of this, all volunteers must have easy access to a computer and email address.


Still have questions?

Please email [email protected]!

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