Jul 8th


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Hi! My name is Caesar. I’m a purebred Bengal boy. If you know anything about Bengals, you know they like to talk lol! When, after 13 years, I began vocalizing even more than normal, my owners became worried that something was wrong. It turns out they were right! I had been trying to tell them I wasn’t feeling well. When they brought me to the vet, it was discovered that I have Hyperthyroidsm, which means my thyroid is overactive. There is medication to treat this condition but unfortunately, it wasn’t something my previous family could keep up with, so they brought me to the shelter to find a new family.

I was lucky enough to get adopted into a lovely family but when there was an unexpected death in the family, I unfortunately had to come back to the shelter to find another home. I’ve been a good boy about taking my medication and the shelter staff will start my adopters off with a good supply of meds so I can start off on the right paw!

A little more about me: I am 13 years young and I am front declawed. I am looking to be the only pet in the home. I’m the purrfect choice for someone looking for an independent kitty that likes keeps to himself. I do like to be petted sometimes but not for too long at once. Since I’m a kitty that likes affection on his own terms, I would do best in a quiet and calm adult-only home. Since I am a Bengal, my new family should expect for me to talk a lot-you’ll never be lonely with me around. Sorry for all the demands but when you’re a fancy kitty like me, you kinda act like a diva!


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